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Our approach begins with extensive research to identify an exceptional business that enables us to build mutually beneficial, collaborative partnerships with advantageous conditions for the continued success of your business.

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Current Ownership

  • B2B software or tech-enabled services 

  • High percentage of recurring revenue

  • Stable and growing industry

  • Diverse and loyal customer base 

  • Based in the U.S.

  • Annual revenues $5-25 million

  • Annual EBITDA $2-5 million

  • Minimum 3 years of profitability

  • Healthy profit margins >15%

  • Low capital intensity

  • Seeking to retire or exit without a clear successor in place

  • Strong employee relations

  • Looking to maintain continuity and the ongoing success of the business 

We understand every business is unique and consider the above as guidelines. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your business' unique fit within these criteria.   

At Palm Ridge Capital, we do not take a portfolio approach.

Our investment is a partnership, not a transaction.

We work hard to ensure our goals are aligned. 

One True North. 

Sector Focus

We seek to identify an investment partner that aligns with our industry experience, technology expertise and proven history of operational success to accelerate growth and stay ahead in the digital economy. 

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Traditional Business

  • Business Operations Software

  • Business Process Outsourcing

  • Financial Services

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Legal, Regulatory & Tax 

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Digital & Information

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Data & Content Management

  • Digital Marketing & Customer Experience

  • Document Mgmt, Imaging & Digitization 

  • Identity Management & Consumer Privacy

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Healthcare &
Life Sciences

  • Diagnostic Imaging

  • eHealth/mHealth Software

  • Electronic Records Management

  • Lab & Pharma Services

  • Practice Management Software


Our Committment

We will always act with integrity and honesty. 
We will always be forthright and transparent. 
We will always put people first. 

At Palm Ridge Capital, we are mindful that selling a business is one of the most important events of an owner's life. Identifying the right partner is not only critical to preserving what an owner has built, but also central to our investment criteria.   

Our Process

Our goal is to close the transaction as quickly as possible so we can focus our efforts on operations and growth. 

 (1-2 weeks)

  • Conduct call to discuss the potential fit

  • Sign confidentiality agreement to share information  

  • Assess basic financial information

 (4-10 weeks)

  • Sign a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) to align on the broad terms of sale 

  • Conduct due diligence    (accounting, legal, technical, etc.) 


  • Transition into operating the business 

  • Build upon company legacy through partnered execution of controlled growth implementation plan

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 (1-2 weeks)

  • Align on joint objectives 

  • Gather additional information via onsite visits and conference calls 

  • Submit an indication of interest (IOI)

 (1-2 weeks)

  • Review the final terms of sale and reach agreements on all points

  • Sign the final Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA)

  • Transfer funds to owner


When you are ready, we are here to discuss the potential fit. 

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